1954 – Mary Donovan

In 1954, a group of 10th grade Clinton girls decided we wanted to play hockey. The group included Jane Burdick, Marylouise Burdick, Jane Buckley, Lizann Mitchell, Arlene Hoare, Mary Suppe, and a few others. The Clinton boys refused to play us. Through general skating, we knew some of the New Hartford boys that were trying to get a team together, and they agreed to play us. We knew when there was free ice time, and made a date with the New Hartford boys. Jane Buckley and Lizann played with racing skates, and the rest of us wore figure skates. We borrowed sticks from our boyfriends and brothers. Skating was free for us kids, and it wasn’t a big deal. We beat the New Hartford boys. It was the only game we played, because no other team would play us, and the New Hartford boys would not play us again. We prided ourselves on an undefeated season!

– Mary Donovan

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