October, 1980 – David Lahey

The ‘80-’81 season was notable for two reasons. First, it marked the team’s return to the NESCAC playoffs, the first such playoff game since the end of the ‘77-’78 season. Second, the season marked the arrival on the Hill of a slender lad from Ontario named Mike Marta. Much more on him later.

Before the ‘80-’81 season even began, the Hamilton team organized and ran a training camp over three weekends in October for the Clinton Youth Hockey Association. Continuing the longstanding relationship between the Clinton and Hamilton hockey programs, the Hamilton players suggested the concept and organized and staffed the Saturday morning skates. Virtually every member of the Hamilton team participated in at least one of the three one-hour sessions held each weekend. While the upperclassmen were willing to let the freshmen handle the 7:30 a.m. session, a good time was had by all. In addition to getting on the ice in October, the Hamilton players created some young fans and received, as a token of appreciation, some fancy beer mugs. Not sure why anyone thought those would be well-received!

– David Lahey

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