1985 – Dan Losito

Coach Meredith was bemoaning the absence of any great tradition or spectacle at Sage that would draw more fans to the varsity games. He challenged guys on the JV team to come up with ideas. “Toss a live trout on the ice!” was the first idea. That was dismissed quickly; too Detroit Red Wingish, and besides, where were we going to find a live trout in January? We needed something more readily available and abundant. I don’t recall exactly how we arrived at the choice, but soon word spread throughout campus that all planning to attend the next varsity game should take an orange from Commons and bring it to Sage. Then, when the Blue scored its first goal in the contest, oranges were to rain down on the opposing goaltender in celebration. It was a wild success, and a tradition was born…until the ECAC threatened to penalize the team if the practice continued.

– Dan Losito

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