1979 – Mike Marta

My very first day of tryouts as a Freshman, we had a scrimmage towards the end of practice. I recall vividly picking up the puck at my own blue line along the boards, carrying it up the boards in front of the penalty box, and deciding to cut into the center of the ice. I was met with the cleanest, most perfect hip check I can ever remember receiving. Senior defenseman Paul Pillmore, one of the team’s captains, had just taught me a huge lesson- always look to see who you are up against every shift. I would miss four weeks of tryouts, and returned to the ice only two days before our first game. Coach Batt found a spot in the lineup for me at center between two very talented players, Carl Norbeck, son of Hamilton College great Tim Norbeck, and Carl Nasto, a speedster from Connecticut, equally known for the 100 sit-ups he would do every day before a game. Pillmore taught me well. I never missed a college game in my career and made sure to keep my head up and know who was on the ice against me at all times.

– Mike Marta

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