1978 – Fran Alteri

Some of the fondest memories I have of my time growing up and playing hockey in Clinton was playing street hockey with my best friends on the weekends. We would often play our game at the arena, and would meet shortly after and organize and play against each other wherever we could find the space. Sometimes at houses, the phone company, or at CCS. This picture was taken at the courtyard between the senior high and middle school. In the picture from left to right: Brian Beigal, Todd Jury, Scott Anderson, Jamie Hilton, Terry Phillips, Tyler Davidson, Eric Bremer, Ryan Tickle, Chris Studdard, Ben Studdard, Chris Burns, Fran Alteri, Jack McCloud. There were 10 out of 13 boys in the photo that went on to play collegiate hockey. It has been through hockey that I have met some of the most influential people and best friends who have shaped my life. Thank you, Albert Prettyman, for bringing the greatest game in the world to our little town.

– Fran Alteri

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Andrew Burns Hamilton ’78; Clinton High School ’74andrewcburns@yahoo.com
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