1972 – Andrew Heintz

So many memories of hockey in Clinton, so many lessons learned, but the one that shaped me most was my first hockey experience. My father had signed me up to begin Pee Wee hockey, knowing it would be good for me. I must have been about 7 years old, and I was excited. However, opening day arrived, and I had become very nervous, refusing to go. My father insisted, and I acquiesced (not that I had much choice). He must have known it could have been a very short-lived season, because rather than get shin pads, he grabbed some old magazines from the house and taped them to my legs. I think I had hockey gloves and probably a helmet, but all I remember were those make-shift shin pads. Needless to say, I had a great experience, and hockey has been in my blood ever since. An important lesson in facing one’s fears and persevering was learned that day. I went on to make the Bantum All Star team, then played JV hockey, and finally made Varsity in my senior year. Though a bench warmer, it still felt like an accomplishment, given all the great players around me. Other great memories include hours of pond hockey with the Hullars and Hayes. I hope and expect that Clinton Hockey will continue to positively influence lives for many generations to come.

– Andrew Heintz

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