1965 – Tom Storrier

In the 1960s/1970s, I doubt there was any street within Clinton that had more hockey players living on it than Hamilton Place. The 28 homes on the street in the 1960s/1970s housed 16 players and 2 coaches. They are as follows:

Rick & Rod Burns (address was College Street, but side door opened to Hamilton Place)

Bill, Tom, Joe, John, Robbie & Peter Hameline

Tom Dockrell Sr., Coach of Colgate University 1950-51, and former AAU Team member

Tom Dockrell

Steve Eckerson

Kenny & Darryl Hunt

Steve & Paul Burns

Bernie Burns, Coach Clinton Central HS Hockey

David Edwards

Tom Storrier

The only other grouping that out-does Hamilton Place is the combining of the 4 hockey families of Clinton. Namely: The Heintz Clan, The Hameline/O’Brien Gang, and The Burns Cartel.

– Tom Storrier

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