September, 1940 – Ted Molloy

Albert Prettyman was the ultimate gentleman. He could come across a bit gruff, but he was a fair-minded coach and administrator, and was particularly firm when it came to his beloved hockey. He will always be known for starting the hockey program at Hamilton College, but he also coached two other sports, and was the athletic director for nearly 15 years when I arrived in 1940.

He was not only proud of his teams, but of his buildings, for which he was instrumental in both designing and raising the necessary finances. During the first week of school, Albert gave our entire freshman class a tour of the athletic facilities, starting of course with his Sage Rink. The rink had no ice, as it was early September, but it could have, given the recently installed ice-making system. In the brand new alumni gymnasium, he warned us never to set foot on the floor with anything on our feet but our sneakers. When we ventured to the pool, he made it clear that all swimmers needed to appreciate the cleanliness of the water, and that we should leave nothing in the pool other than a wake. We all got the subtle message!

Ted Molloy – Told by the late Joe Anderson

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