2005 – Ken Grabeldinger Jr.

Almost all of my childhood memories revolve around hockey in Clinton. Whether it was my father teaching me how to skate with the wooden chairs from the bleachers, playing hide and seek in the catwalks while Mr. Orsino yelled at us, or parking at the school lot and walking to a standing-room-only rink to watch my older cousins T.J. and Kenny Lane on the CCS team. My most fond memory was in 8th grade, when Coach Litz let me be the skating manager for the ‘05-’06 State Championship team. I learned and developed more that year as a person and hockey player than any other time in my life. Many life lessons are still carried and applied to this very day. Not to forget the proud tradition of excellence and camaraderie instilled in me by father, uncle Hap, and grandfather.

– Ken Grabeldinger Jr.

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